We offer boarding for dogs and cats at our clinic. We have a variety of sizes of kennels and cages available for your pets.

Boarding Admission Form

When your dog boards with us, they get their own space unless you request your dogs be boarded together. They each get their own bed of blankets as well as food and water bowls. Every day they go outside into our fenced in yard to run and play, as well as go to the bathroom. They are let outside at least twice daily for 15 minutes or longer, depending on how many other pets we have and what the weather is like. Your pet is never let out with another dog unless it is one of yours. If your dog climbs fences or is an escape artist please let us know ahead of time so we know to leash walk them at all times.

When your cat boards with us, they also get their own space, a blanket, a litter box, and food and water bowls. They get some play time, if they are friendly and we’re not too busy, in our cat room. If you want your cats housed together please let us know so we can try to accommodate you.

We feed Science Diet Maintenance diets, for the appropriate life stage, to our boarding animals. If your pet is on a special diet, please bring that in with instructions of how often and how much you feed them daily. Please feel free to bring in treats for your pet too, although we don’t recommend any bones/rawhide treats. If your pet is on any medications, please bring those in as well with instructions on when they are given.

We do require that all pets be current on vaccines at the time of boarding, if they are not we will vaccinate them with the appropriate vaccines and that will be added to the cost of the boarding. We also require that all pets be free of external and internal parasites and if they are noted we will treat them to make sure other boarding animals do not get them.

You can bring in your own blankets and beds for your pets but we can’t guarantee that they will be returned in the same condition that we received them.

If you would like to tour the facilities or want to know our boarding rates, please give us a call!